Design Pirate Fighter

Hi there!

Another spaceship done in Sketch up.
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2 Response to "Design Pirate Fighter"

  1. John Freeman Says:

    Don't forget to 'rough it up' - scarring and battered bits. Too many spaceship designs are 'clean' these days and space is full of debris. I'd imagine a pirate vessel would be pretty battered and patched up. The guys who did the VFX on Thunderbirds and UFO, and of course the Star Wars films, had this down to a fine art.

  2. rd.ricci Says:

    Hi John,thanks for your comment!
    Yes,I think the same about the starships.These days the ships are very CGI fx and plastic,no natural.Unmarked Lasers,meteorite impacts,etc.
    I will do the opposite: more impacts ( is a pirate ship,need "scars of war")and even inside the mother ship will be more like a old freighter dirty and wasted.
    And of course,also an approach to the comic book style.

    Thank you for reminding theses details,John,and welcome to the REBORN blog,feel free for comment,you ever more than welcome : )

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