The Complete Arrow Publications Interview

Arrow: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
RDR: First, thank you for this interview. I’ve been writing comics since I was a child. My parents encouraged me to read at an early age. Since then, I’ve had a love for literature, films and comics. But it wasn’t until 2001 that I thought to take this seriously. It was then that I wrote Reborn, but I had to wait until 2008 to begin a career in the world of comics as a complete author.

Arrow: Well we’re glad you decided to follow your dreams. Can you tell us about some of the places you've lived?
RDR: Well I was born in Chile. But after getting my Italian citizenship, I opened my wings and flew to live in Spain, Sweden, Greece, Italy and now Romania. I’ve always worked hard at many types of jobs because this is the best way to learn about other cultures and gain ideas for future writings.

Arrow: You have lived in some exciting and romantic places. Let's talk a little bit about romance. What country do you consider the most romantic?
RDR: Italy, of course. It is the only place in the world where you learn the best art: The Art of Seduction.

Arrow: Steamy! And what do you consider to be romantic?
RDR: A lifestyle based on the constant search for love. Love and be loved.

Arrow: That is romantic. What motivated you to start writing?
RDR: Injustice and music. Injustice motivates me because I too often read about unjust situations in newspapers and throughout history. When I see something that I don't like, I write about this theme. And so many ideas come to me from music. Complete stories can be born after listening to a song or some classic music.

Arrow: Can you describe your writing approach?
RDR: I look for a specific theme, things that people like to read, that people look for when they want to read. I write for both the engineer and for the common worker who gets up at 5 am and travels by bus to work. When I am writing or drawing, I think that my art will give a few minutes of happiness to a person; this is my approach to this art.

Arrow: Your art must be very fulfilling. What is your writing background?
RDR: I'm in the beginning of my career. Sure, I write for the more important underground magazine in Italy, but only for last three years.

Arrow: It sounds like your writing background is getting off to a good start. Is there a particular writer who influenced or mentored you?
RDR: So many: Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London, Richard Bach, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Bram Stoker, Primo Levi, Tiziano Sclavi, Hugo Pratt, Robin Wood, Charles Bukowsky, Hector Oesterheld and many many more.

Arrow: Wow everyone from Poe to Stoker. How many genres and subgenres have you written in?
RDR: Mostly horror and space opera, but I think that my writings are always influenced by various subgenres.

Arrow: Are there any genres or subgenres you haven't tried that you'd like to? Have you considered expanding into other genres?
RDR: Well, a writer should always start with the genres they like or know better. I would like to take a try at historical romance, noir, erotica or something from these subgenres together.

Arrow: We are ready to read it when you write it! How did you get into electronic publishing?
RDR: In 2000, I went on the Internet for the first time and immediately understood that much of the editorial future was in the digital environment, especially comic strips. In 2008, I started my professional career as an author in the comic mobile platform with sales all over the world. I have been a pioneer in my field in electronic publishing, and I'm convinced that digital is the future.

Arrow: Many people agree that digital is the way of the future. Do you have any advice for new writers looking to get published?
RDR: Start with electronic publishing and open your mind to this new media. It is the future.

Arrow: RDR: That is good advice. What are your latest releases?
RDR: Reborn and Ligeia the Vampire.

Arrow: Of the novels you've written, what is your favorite?
RDR: A complicated question because everything I do takes a part of me. Any panel that you see has recorded some memory. I love Reborn and Ligeia the Vampire equally.

Arrow: It’s always hard to choose. What can your readers expect from you in the coming year?
RDR: Well, I’d like to publish Stone Hearts, the second episode of Reborn saga for Christmas and two episodes of Ligeia the Vampire. In September, the people of Paris can see and buy a series of my paintings in acrylic. I also have ideas for new stories and characters for a fresh new Graphic Novel. I can't wait to do it all.

Arrow: We’ll be ready when that comes out! What do you do to promote your books, your brand and yourself?
RDR: Right now I am using social networks like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Twitter, etc. For me Facebook and blogs are a great system, but the ideal situation is to have the support of a publishing house. It is very hard to do it alone

Arrow: That’s something for new authors to keep in mind. How do you use social media and the web to your promotional and marketing advantage?
RDR: As much as possible I try to participate in the “wall” of friends in Facebook, create a group and have fresh news two or three times a week (sketches, videos, etc.) It is effective, but very hard for one person. You can only reach a small amount of people.

Arrow: What do you think about the current changes in the publishing industry?
RDR: It’s great! For example, the iPad seems like a normal evolution for the industry. Yet the publishing industry is like a thief in the night, not knowing whether to move to digital or lose their traditional customers. Many large publishers recycle old comics instead of hiring famous authors to create new things with the new form of narration for these platforms. Anyway, the changes isn the indurstry are very exciting and full of challenges for authors and publishers.

Arrow: Something to think about. So, has Hollywood called you to turn any of your books into a film, etc.?
RDR: Wow! That would be fantastic! All my stories have a movie approach. But, for this, I need an agent with connections in the world of cinema and television. It would be a great and important step for my career.

Arrow: Hopefully, Hollywood will call to make Reborn. That would make a great sci-fi movie. What advice do you have for new writers? And for publishing eBooks?
RDR: For new writers: Write with your audience in mind. For publishing eBooks: More advertising and move your eBooks into the cinema. A movie based on a graphic novel creates trends, but a movie based on an eBook opens a new world. More people will buy eBooks.

Arrow: More good advice. Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself or your books?
RDR: Yes, buy Reborn. Give Reborn to your friends, your husband or wife, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your grandparents, etc. Giving is love.

Arrow: Thank you for taking the time to let us into your life, and good luck with all your future endeavors.

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