Hi There!

No words only images.

Stay tuned!

PIRATE STARSHIP Work in Progress.


Hi There!

Some captures of the Pirate Starship.Don't finish yet,but I think we make a idea of the definitive War Machine.

Stay tuned!

Third sketch

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Hi There!

OK,Here I'm closer to the idea that I wanted.

Done with Google SketchUp,this software is ideal to control all angles in 3D version.

Don't finish yet.

Stay tuned!

Second sketch

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Hi there!

The first don't like me,but is the first idea.Now,the second sample is more near to my idea of a pirate starship.

First sketch Stone Hearts

Hi there!

I'm very busy with the Reborn Trilogy and another properties : D

See please this first sketch for a Pirate Starship.In bow of the ship you can see a radiation deflector for deep space travels.

Stay Tuned!


Antagony X is a slave who serves her cruel master on planet Nasirya XIII. She makes a daring escape but is chased across the galaxy by a relentless robot called Interceptor One. Her spaceship is damaged in the pursuit and she crashes on a beautiful and mysterious planet, where she meets Ugul Batraxo, a giant Toad, who guides her to find her own destiny.

This beautifully conceived graphic novel by prolific illustrator, Rodrigo Diaz Ricci, is an existential read fest featuring starships, giant frogs, a killer robot and one spunky, sexy lady.

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Reborn in the iTunes right now!

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Hi there!

Reborn is onine in the iTunes store distributed by Arrow Publications,here the link for BUY this amazing app for only $ 1.99



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